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God's Garden Safety Protocols During COVID-19

God's Garden desires to keep all of our Parents, students and staff as safe as possible during this Pandemic, yet balance the needs of children in a practical way. We have designed some specific protocols for infants and toddlers, keeping in mind their developmental needs. New Guidelines for Safe Child Care Operations During Covid-19 has been given, so these protocols have been updated. Learn more here.

Your Child's Safety

The safety of the children in our care is paramount to all who work at God's Garden Early Learning Center and to our host church.

We have several layers of security to keep your child and their caregivers as safe as possible. We believe that locating God's Garden Early Learning Centers inside churches, is the first layer of security.

The center has a secure entrance for drop off and pick up with limited access. Sign in and sign out is required at the center. Most importantly, at the time of pick up, only those with prior parent documented approval can pick up a child. Photo ID is required when a non-parent or occasional approved person is picking up a child.

Inside the church, access to the God's Garden section of the building is also limited.

We practice safe exit procedures for fire and other events to be sure that our staff is prepared to keep your child safe should an emergency situation occur.

Our system is text message and phone blast capable in the event that we would need to quickly communicate with all of our parents. Your phone numbers are automatically entered into this God's Garden communication feature when you enroll your child.


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